How can Serigrafia work?

Serigraphia or serigraphy is just really a form of art finished with the silkscreen printing procedure. The process uses a stencil to create a publish of images or designs. It’s thought to have first originated during the Song Dynasty from China. Stencils are used to publish designs on cloth using ink with the remainder of the material covered by means of a stencil that blocks excess ink. Now with the advancements within the area, serigrafia may be performed on shapes and various materials.

The screen has been first created by extending a fabric (e.g., silk) over a frame of aluminum or wood. The image will be first drawn (by hand or using software) on plastic or paper, or captured at a photograph. Then it is cut out to form a stencil. Next, the stencil is connected with the screen. Regions of the screen mesh are obstructed with a watertight hiding moderate. The spaces become the negative areas of the image.


The different kinds of inks used in screen printing are plastisol, gloss-ink, metallic ink, oil-based inks, and release. Serigrafia may be the best way of printing glass, signs, tags, nameplates, tops, t-shirts, logos, text, or artwork repeatedly on fabric or surfaces. It is recommendable for ceramic sticker printing. To generate new details on serigrafia kindly go to Indeco Serigrafia.

Serigrafia is the best option for layouts that require a high level of vibrancy, when printing on shirts, or to get specialty products. It provides more quality output compared to prints that can be lasting for prints over the longterm. It is usable on a variety of printing materials, including wood, glass, textiles, signs, banners, electronics, and a lot more. Designs, logos can be printed with Serigrafia.

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