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Goldmont was opened as a mobile edition. Now players can utilize Goldmont anywhere. Mobile and PC to work together rather than independent. Sad to say, the iPhone can’t install Goldmont. Mobile version closing installations file updated on 2019-06-18, small inconveniences and small bugs were finally fixed. Password can be logged in at least 4 digits (can log in at least 5 minutes ). ID / password automatic removal (if there’s an present space, it’s not possible to log in).

Jackpot (since the jackpot is attached because the beads will emerge ). Exactly the identical number, the picture is a game with 3 matches (e.g. 777, 222). Danta: A home run that’s a one-time strike. The likelihood of winning one match change based upon the version, but you will find 1/250 to 1/350 chances of S-classes like Yamato IIZF 496.5 / 1 and SE. Multi-hit: When the following home run is reserved as a sequential home run, the odds of winning will be 10 times greater than one hit after it hits the home run. Reach two amounts, picture match when reel rotates down and up. A participant has to be wealthy for a home run.

Reel game can be played on various machines, and the amount of lines it can hang is different, there are lots of popular reel games to enjoy, such as ocean paradise, Yamato, the sea story, and so on, 사이다 쿨 appeared for the first time at the early 2000s when the national arcade game market was in recession and has been created based on the Japanese pachinko game Umimonogata series.

The incidence is 1/113 for singles, 1/2275 for doubles, and WARNING 1 / 881.5 reliability is 1.3% for singles, 18.7percent for doubles, and WARNING 23.0%, which is higher than doubles. [Yamatorichi] Captain, Chul (Oki-Shinma), and several men and women appear; there are two types of Yamatopo shooters, the rich side and the front, which is launched from SpaceZero or G-warp. As stated by the combination rule of poor notice and powerful super-rich, very low probability characters like yellow hair and black hair and a high probability of winning the game will get a greater chance of winning – that the most reliable of the four superb wealth.

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